6 Tips For Throwing A Summer BBQ


1. Add a twist to a classic recipe

Classics are classics for a reason. Choose your favourite 4-5 recipes to make at your BBQ, ones that you are comfortable cooking. The worst thing is throwing a party and then, the night before, trying to figure out how to actually make what you promised your guests. With that being said, if you can easily cook these recipes, make each of them a little more unique by adding one simple twist. For example, a classic like ribs can be spiced up with some chili powder.

2. Great Music

What makes a good party great? The Music. Create the atmosphere you want through your music choice. Make a playlist the night before with some relaxing songs, and if you have a theme, this would be the perfect way to set the tone of the party.

3. Games in the grass

Everyone enjoys a game of twister! Try setting-up something as simple as a giant twister game, all you would need is some powder paint or some coloured construction paper. Of course, depending on your guest list, the choice of games will be different.

4. Simple side dishes

Although the star of the food will be your proteins, having some staple side dishes like a garden salad or a potato salad just makes the food portion of the BBQ shine even more. Here, you really don’t need to make anything particularly complicated; everyone likes a perfect pasta more than a fancy dish in a casual setting.

5. Signature drink

Cold cocktails? Yes, please! One thing to really make or break your BBQ will be your drink options. To make a memorable statement, chose a signature drink and only serve that as an alcoholic beverage option. Click here for our Summer Mojitos in Mason Jars recipe!

6. Unique set up

Don’t spend too much time decorating, instead, just have a cute and simple set-up. A nice idea would be making it picnic-style. All you have to do is place some picnic blankets out for people to sit on. If you don’t want to do that for everyone, it can be a fun option for the kids.

7. DIY desserts

People often forget about dessert at BBQs, don’t make that mistake! Instead of spending hours in the kitchen figuring about how to bake for the first time, make use of your grill. For example, have a S’mores bar; lay out crackers, different chocolate options and put the marshmallows on the grill. Also having a fruit option is always nice, so why not cut up a watermelon into small triangular slices and put them on sticks

There you have it, a recipe for a perfect BBQ! Just remember to enjoy it and make it your own. To get your signature drink ingredients delivered right to your door, contact us today.

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